Look me straight in the eye and tell me how I feel

A visit to the clinic of Israel’s expert in iridology was a real eye-opener.

I was offered a session with the Israeli expert on iridology. I was intrigued, so I went. I did not expect the session to be so dramatic.

Without much talk, Iris Gayer asked me to join her in a small room and place my head in front of a camera. A few minutes later, my eyes were displayed on a computer screen, and my state of health was analyzed.

Some of the information I knew already, but I couldn’t understand how she learned it. Other things I recognized as ailments my parents suffered from, and still others were things I was told I should watch out for or change my lifestyle so they would not manifest themselves.

Gayer is a multidimensional iridology specialist. The field of iridology is still young but has been gaining a reputation around the world.

Gayer recounts that when she was 34 she felt that something was wrong, so she went to see her doctor. His response was that she should have tests. And then more tests. But two years later, Gayer and her doctor were no wiser. She still didn’t understand why at the age of 36 she was drained of energy. And then she discovered iridology.

Gayer was diagnosed quickly, was told what the source of her exhaustion was and was given a course of treatments. Once the source of her exhaustion was discovered and the recommendations of the iridologist were implemented, she quickly recovered.

It was at that point that she decided to change her direction in life. She left her 18- year career as manager of software development for a leading Israeli company and become an iridologist.

She embarked on a long journey, acquiring vast know-how in iridology, sclerology, nutrition and detoxification from some of the world’s experts in the field. She worked with them and, in the process, became an expert herself.

Now Gayer is the owner of a successful clinic, which she opened in 2000. She is also a single mother of triplets, to whom she gave birth when she was 48, and became the representative of the International Iridology Practitioners Association in Israel. She shares her knowledge by giving lectures in Israel and abroad. She also established the College of Multidimensional Iridology in Israel, which is licensed by the IIPA to grant the association’s certification.

In everything Gayer does, she seeks to advance the science of iridology, help people get to know their health map, recover from past ailments and prevent the onset of new health conditions.

Iridology is the science of diagnosis based on a range of parameters of the iris. Iridology opens a window to the health condition of an individual, revealing precise information about genetic dispositions and potential and the source of the problem even before pain or other symptoms manifest themselves. Accurate diagnosis of the iris provides a wealth of information that is often hard, or even impossible, to obtain by other methods. In other words, it is a prime diagnostic tool and, as such, has been entering into conventional clinics around the world, as more and more physicians in Europe and the US turn to it for quick answers.

I was surprised to see my eyes as never before. Gayer saw signs of potential and existing health problems. I was sent to my doctor for a change of medications and was prescribed a new dietary regimen, as well as cleansing treatments to be done at the Gayer Clinic.

Gayer helps patients with a broad range of conditions. She says that accurate diagnosis is extremely important because only with profound understanding of the problem can the proper therapy be matched to the patient’s condition and help his/her recovery.

The analysis is followed by prescribing the appropriate therapy. The diagnosis is noninvasive, painless and can be performed on people of any age.

Besides diagnosis, the Gayer Clinic offers a range of natural therapies, including a hydrotherapy detox program combined with medicinal herbs and a personalized nutrition program based on the diagnosis.

Source by NERIA BARR